About Andrea Jenkins

Andrea Jenkins is an executive creative director and internet designer with deep expertise in graphic, brand and experience design. She was part of the founding staff of Wired magazine and went on to work with high profile brands such as CNET, Microsoft, Autodesk and Major League Baseball.

A leader of the digital revolution from a design perspective, Andrea continues to build technically progressive, brand-led marketing and

product experiences.

Andrea works across digital platforms, in print and environmental design. She has built marketing and product solutions for search engines, entertainment, e-commerce, digital music delivery, software, sports content-marketing, lifestyle-marketing, and mobile. Andrea is a visionary leader who inspires teams while integrating business, marketing and user experience success metrics.

The combination of type and imagery excites Andrea, whether it is for artistic reasons or trying to bring visual balance to the constantly changing digital landscape. She seeks to delight and deliver a meaningful message leading to deeper

customer relationships.

In her free time, Andrea gains length & strength through yoga, finds inspiration with meditation, hikes to gain perspective, experiences pure joy through the eyes of a Bedlington Terrier, and fuels her

Tiki fascination with an Etsy store.



BFA Graphic Design






  • Business Week IAC Award

  • Optima Design Award

  • Distinctive Merit Award: Art Directors Club

  • Ad Week Icon Award

  • New York Times: Cultures Clash as AOL Switches to Its Email (about work mandates)

  • Elements of Web Design, Darci DiNucci

  • Photo District News: What’s Yours is Mine. (about intellectual property)

  • LIMN Magazine: Punk is Beautiful.

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