CNET v.1

Design of the premiere version of CNET.COM circa 1995.


The below layouts are of the CNET launch site that was created with HTML 1.0: before tables & CSS were part of standard code, or hexadecimal colors were a palette in Photoshop. What was innovative about this work was that designers and engineers learned how to communicate and navigate each other’s skill sets to build websites before there was any data on UI or UX. Below are the launch designs that experimented with content hierarchy & graphically collapsed & extended navigation along with background page colors.


Culver Hotel Cor

CNET v.2

The second launch of coincided with HTML 2.0 and we were able to sophisticate the design with tables to maximize content on the page. We conducted our own usability studies and site navigation was given a consistent sidebar placement, and quickly changed from graphical representation to text.


Hired and managed staff for 4 other websites developed from the CNET platform:



Conducted web design training including color & HTML strategies for designers at the inception of the Internet. Lectured on the CNET web design process at design & industry events/conferences.

Managed a total of 24 creative services employees to enable daily content publishing for 5 different web properties, previous to CMS systems being developed.